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What's in Texas that MCSD wants?

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What's in Texas that MCSD wants?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
May 8, 2014

Rumor has it that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, under the "leadership" of soon-to-be-ex Undersheriff Andy Zinke and absentee Sheriff Keith Nygren, is soon to be home to yet another expensive and unnecessary vehicle.

What's a MRAP? It's a Mine-Resistent Ambush-Protected vehicle. What the hell does MCSD need with that?

Why would MCSD send Patrol Cmdr. John Miller and another deputy to Texas to bring it back? Is this good use of $175,000/year worth of personnel? Wouldn't you love to see the expense records for this trip?

Air fare, ground transportation, lodging (they won't be staying at Motel 6 (you can turn the light off, Tom)), meals (they won't be eating at Burget King). What do you think? Five MPG? Gasoline or diesel fuel? Did MCSD investigate having a civilian drive it back or having it trucked here?

Anyone else think that the big, bad Government is gearing up to squash the little guys? Are We the People going to have to buy more .50 cal. weapons, just to even the playing field?

Think Bill Prim will get rid of the MRAP and MARV? I'll bet he won't. Just a guess on my part...

Wake up, everybody.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." The words were never truer than now. Thanks to John Philpot Curran (1750-1817), Irish judge and politician for these enduring words to live by.

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