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Land Rover LR3, Duly Awarded

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Land Rover LR3, Duly Awarded

Carol Mitchel
August 16, 2006

“Whether towing, mountain climbing, family carrying or simply taking the sting out of the daily commute, Land Rover’s new LR3 never fails to impress us. Champion for the second year in a row, the big Brit has an unmatched range of abilities that sets it apart from every other car in the class.”

This is a statement taken right from the mouth of David Johns. Johns is the editor in chief of Auto Express, which has just sent out a new range of awards for various vehicles in different categories. And the Land Rover LR3 took home the Auto Express New Car Honor. This award was given to the Land Rover LR3 for the 4x4 Off Roader category. And just like what Johns said, the Land Rover LR3 took home this award for the second year straight in a row.

The full sized luxury crossover sport utility vehicle Audi Q7 and the midsized luxury crossover SUV Volvo XC90 were vehicles that the Land Rover LR3 had to compete with. The editors at Auto Express really had to do some stiff judging during the selection of the winner for the said award.

Andy Gawthorpe, the managing director for Land Rover’s Middle East and North Africa markets, cannot help but exclaim his excitement over the event. He proclaims, “It is fantastic that the LR3 has proved yet again its versatility and staying power in an increasingly competitive sector, with this, its 77th award from experts from around the world.”

Since 1989, the Land Rover LR3 has been in production. It was offered as an estate wagon and as a van. It held engines like the 2.5 liter 200 TDi, the 3.5 liter Rover V8, the 2.5 liter 300 TDi, the 3.9 liter Rover V8, the 2.5 liter TD5, the 2.7 liter TD V6 engine, and the 4.4 liter Jaguar AJ V8 engine. It comes equipped with quality Land Rover fuel system parts as well as high technology equipment to assist the vehicle perform better and exceed its limitations. All its features and equipment make the Land Rover LR3 to become an agile vehicle that could take on various types of on road and off road terrain.

http://www.landrparts.com/rover-fuel-system-parts.html Carol Mitchel is an executive assistant in one of the leading automotive magazine in Los Angeles, California. She is a certified car lover and loves extreme sports. ###

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