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Is Jaguar Going To Junkyard Heaven?

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Is Jaguar Going To Junkyard Heaven?

Michelle Crimson
August 16, 2006

It looks like the Ford Motor Company is checking if they would continue on producing vehicles for the Jaguar luxury brand of vehicles. And right now, the company is trying to studying and doing a review on this brand. This situation has risen because sales for this brand seemed not be performing well enough. And sure enough, if everything does not go well enough, Ford might even decide on sending Jaguar to junkyard heaven.

The company has already appointed an expert on these matters to help them out. Kenneth Leet is a former investment banker and he will be the leader of a small team who would do the evaluation and analysis of the Jaguar brand. And if the brand can still be saved, it would have to go through a radical restructuring which would give the brand a boost in sales and in its performance in the auto market. The team would be looking at the Jaguar vehicles sold and its sales as a brand. It was not disclosed if other Jaguar products like Jaguar XK120 parts and the like would also be included in the study. All these are just rumors at present but experts in the automotive world have a feeling that the company would be sending out an announcement soon enough.

As per Leet, he is a respected person in Wall Street. Indeed, he could be quite a big help for Ford. He has already held senior positions in various banks that include Goldman Sachs and even the Bank of America. Since he knows his way around sales and investments, he might as well make a good decision out of Ford’s Jaguar brand issue.

Jaguar is a brand of luxury vehicles and its creator is the British Jaguar Cars Limited. It is based in Coventry, England and it was bought by the US based Ford Motor Company back in the year 1989 for a sum of £1.6 billion. This brand has already been in the auto world since 1922 but it only used the name Jaguar in 1945. Jaguar offers not only luxury vehicles but also holds cars that can perform well.

http://www.jaggparts.com/jaguar-xk120-parts.html Michelle Crimson holds a degree in business administration. She is currently working as an editor in New Orleans, Louisiana. This 32 year old mother of two is also a car racing fanatic. ###

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