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July 2006: The Descend of Volvo Cars in North America

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July 2006: The Descend of Volvo Cars in North America

Terry Brown
August 16, 2006

Do you want to know the latest news from North America? In Irvine, California, last August 1, 2006, a report from LLC shows the sales report of Volvo Cars last July 2006. The report says that there are approximately 10,338 units of Volvo cars sold from the same period last year, July 2005 to July 2006. Sadly, it decreased 10% its sales compared to the sales on the previous years.

In North America, including the Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada, 11,307 units of Volvo cars are sold. For that month, the sales went down with an enormous 12.2%. In Canada and Mexico, 705 and 265 units of cars were sold.

Volvo started building quality and safety cars from 1927 to present. In 2006, they have made new models including the award winning S40 and V50, which is a wagon counterpart of S40. Some other award winning models were are the XC90, the S60 which is a sport sedan, the S60 R, the V70 R which is a high performance wagon, the V80 sedan, also known as the luxury sedan, the V70 or the versatile wagon, the cross country XC70 and the newest among them all, the C70.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, a part of the Volvo Car Corporation which is the VCNA is responsible for the sales, marketing, Volvo auto parts, service, technology and training support of Volvo automobile retailers in United States. It is includes Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico as their market.

In overall, the market of Volvo cars has obviously decreased, meaning in years to come, Volvo car parts will also gain less on sales. The fewer units of cars sold, the least merchandise will be used. Meaning, Volvo parts will not gain more success on the business as well. However, it will not affect the availability of these auto parts on the market. VCNA will continue to produce auto parts for the patrons.

This very disappointing news must serve as an eye opener to the Volvo automakers. They must seek reasons why a sudden drop on sales has taken place. Therefore, they must find new and better reasons for the car buyers to purchase their cars.

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