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The Cooper and Cooper S Amazing Upgrade

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The Cooper and Cooper S Amazing Upgrade

Joe Thompson
August 15, 2006

In 2002, when BMW released the Mini Cooper, it has grown up to 2.76 inches in length. Moreover, BMW and PSA Peugeot had joint ventures to give the Cooper and the Cooper S more clout by more than five horse power.

From a four cylinder 1.6 liter borrowed from BMW Valvetronic system, the Mini Cooper is also capable of allowing full variable valve timing and lift but eliminates the throttle butterfly. The torque peaks at 118 lb-ft at 4250 rpm outputting a 120 hp at 6000 rpm.

Cooper S got a 1.6 liter four that uses twin-scroll turbocharger. It also injects the gasoline directly to produce 175 horses at 5500 rpm plus a chunky 177 lb-ft of torque from 1600 – 5000 rpm.

With the availability of a six-speed automatic, both engines also could be used a six-speed manual transmission. The new technology also allows a sport switch automatic thru steering wheel-mounted paddles. Moreover, it boosts its throttle response giving an electric power steering for a lighter feel, and a more controlled and vigorous driving experience.

Mini replaces the car’s electric-hydraulic unit while getting a full electric steering for 2007. The recent test drive of the Cooper S prototype tells how the steering felt more natural compared to other similar systems. Plus, more feedback was received about the tires that responded quickly to input.

A point-and-shoot driving at its best. The throttle is balanced, feeding in the gas evenly for a smooth ride. The driving is so much fun compared to any other automobile. The harshness found in the previous cars is wiped out on both new car models for more comfortable and relaxed driving.

Mini car parts are still available on the market. You do not have to worry when your car parts are worn out as you can have them replaced by new ones. Manufacturers have sited that they will also develop new auto parts for more amazing upgrades of Cooper and Cooper S.

For those who are interested in purchasing these new breeds, wait until later this year. But you can visit the official website for news updates and details. The price is not yet announced but a minimal increase from 2006 model is expected.

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