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American Trucking Show Offers Latest News And Trends

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Trucking Topics:  Great American Trucking Show

American Trucking Show Offers Latest News And Trends

Kevin Anderson
August 15, 2006

The Great American Trucking Show, which is more popularly known as GATS, is one of the fastest growing auto shows and tradeshows in the country. And if there are auto shows for car lovers, this vehicle showplace has been a sure hit for professionals in the trucking industry. Come the 24th up until the 26th of this month, GATS will already be on. The event will be held at the Dallas Convention Center.

During the said trucking show, Castrol will be one of its main sponsors. With that, it would be having its very own booth that would provide pieces of information and data about their products. They would also be promoting the upcoming Castrol Tection Extra Big Honkin’ Truck Makeover contest which is held annually. Castrol would also be introducing their new CJ-4 Tection Extra which would soon be available come the first month next year.

Page Gray is the brand manager for Castrol and Gray says, “The Castrol booth at GATS will provide insight into the innovations we have made over the last year. Product information combined with the excitement of our Big Honkin’ Truck Makeover contest and a Ford F-150 Power Wheels raffle should provide attendees with a thrilling stop at the event.” This may be applicable for those show goers who are followers of Castrol, trucks, and of Ford. However, for those who prefer other brands like Volvo and Isuzu, chances of finding booths that offer Volvo 240 series parts are quite slim.

The Castrol booth would provide interested parties with information on products from Castrol. There would be a representative from the company who would be able to assist people on their inquiries. There would also be information on the upcoming vehicle and people would also be able to see what this new truck would be looking like.

As per the contest that Castrol will be sponsoring and holding, information would also be provided. In fact, the winner for last year’s contest, Jeff Fields, would also be featured. Sure enough, the truck that Fields redesigned and customized himself would also be shown through snapshots and photos.

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