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How To Ruin A BTCC Race Day

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How To Ruin A BTCC Race Day

Geoff Maxted
June 13, 2013

On a cool crepuscular day we settled ourselves on a grassy knoll. The light was strange; like being in a slate-grey Tupperware box. Around us the collecting horde began to don fleeces and rain jackets. The first large, sullen drops of rain fell as the temperature dropped. Suddenly the air was filled with noise of engines as the first of the touring cars roared out of the pit lane and onto the sweeping curves of the Thruxton track.

A similar thing happened at the Silverstone BTCC meeting. We had even booked a local hotel for the weekend so that we could walk through to the circuit at our leisure. Unbeknown to us the hotel was hosting a wedding party for a group of people who made Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown seem erudite and earnest. It was all downhill from there.

The storm clouds gathered as we strolled down past the woodland to the circuit. Quickly we dragged waterproofs from the rucksack. We had learned long ago to be prepared for all eventualities and Silverstone proved us right. It poured with rain all afternoon. Some spectators were treated for hypothermia.

At one British touring car event at Thruxton even we gave up and went home. It’s not far and we were able to continue watching the meet on TV. Inevitably the weather had cleared and the afternoon had warmed up. Spectators were casting off clothes and basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

So, forewarned is forearmed. If you attend a BTCC meeting in the future and the weather is awful you will know that we are there. Come and say hello. We’ll apologise profusely because we know it’s our fault.

If we would just stay away the weather would be fine and you would have a lovely day but hey, that’s motor racing.

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