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GM Utilizes Internet To Introduce New Vehicles

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GM Utilizes Internet To Introduce New Vehicles

Joe Ratzkin
August 14, 2006

The Internet has been known to be one of the cheapest and most inexpensive means of sending out information. After all, it offers a huge range and a very wide scope. And a wide scope, indeed, it is for the information that you place up high on the Internet could be accessed and viewed by people anywhere in the globe.

And now, General Motors Corporation is making use of this capacity of the Internet. The company has utilized the Internet to introduce two of their newest vehicles to date. The whole General Motors team was very much excited by the whole event; after all, it was going to be one grand happening at that. And what they were going to introduce were the new models of the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra.

The launch was, of course, was just like any other vehicle launch. The only difference was that, aside from the bunch of reporters, photographers, and other media people, the event was also presented and sent out live on the Internet. The launch was held at the General Motor’s Milford Proving Grounds. That way, any person who knew about the event could simply go online and view what was happening. It was just like they were personally attending the launch of two of GM’s most celebrated vehicles.

The Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra come both equipped with the best type of features and GM performance parts to ensure quality and performance. These two are also counted as the best selling vehicles in the auto manufacturer’s line up. And with that, GM surely had to make the whole event much grander than usual. According to the company, they had planned on making these vehicles be successful in the auto market. The Silverado and the Sierra had full sized sport utility vehicles launched just this year and they showed great success. GM hopes that these two new automobiles would be having the same kind of success.

For 2007, the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra were already built on a new platform. And during its development and planning, the company has made sure that these vehicles are geared up just right for the wants and the whims of the market. The exteriors received some restyling and the vehicles also offer more power, more capabilities, and a better fuel economy.

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Joe Ratzkin is an avid fan of anything automotive. This 34-year old bachelor wanted to be a mechanic when he was a kid but changed his mind and became a freelance writer and researcher instead. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. ###

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