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BMW bikes are still very popular

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BMW bikes are still very popular

John Gibb
August 12, 2006

While BMW is most famous nowadays for its cars, motorcycles were where they got their start, and they still have a reputation for very high quality motorcycles today. BMW built its first motorcycle in 1923. It quickly invented the much-imitated twin-cylinder boxer engine, which their motorbikes (and most others) still use. Arguably, it was BMW motorcycles and companies that copied them that built the market for motorcycles to begin with – World War II era Harley Davidsons, for example, were literally nothing but BMW clones.

At the moment, there are three BMW motorcycle series: F, R and K. In much the same way as the cars, they start small and cheap and get progressively bigger and pricier.

The F Series are basically beginner motorcycles, for those who are new to it but want a high-quality ride. Many do not actually use BMW engines. You may want different models within the F Series depending on whether you want to go off-road or not. These bikes have recently been subject to some steep price cuts.

R Series bikes are some of the most popular, and use the classic BMW boxer engines. These bikes are very powerful and very popular, both with sports riders and also with the police.

In the K Series, you will find some big bikes. They have three or four cylinder engines, and are just incredibly powerful – a K Series holds the world speed record for motorcycles. They were originally intended to replace the R Series altogether, but the R Series still remains just as popular as the K.

BMW’s bikes are very popular for racing in their respective classes, as well as for off-road touring and everyday road driving. If you’re considering getting a motorcycle, take a good long look at the BMWs – they may be expensive, but they’re very often worth it. John Gibb is the owner of BMW facts For more information on BMW's check out http://www.bmw-resource2k.info

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