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BMW models uncovered

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BMW models uncovered

John Gibb
August 12, 2006

If you’re new to BMWs, it can be difficult at first to understand the differences between all the different models. Being very logical and German, BMW doesn’t bother with evocative names, instead preferring to name its cars using a complicated system of model letters and numbers. Hopefully this article will help you break through some of the mystery.

At the moment, BMW produces the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, as well as SUVs (letter X) and two-seater roadsters (letter Z). These designations refer to the first number or letter of the name – for example, the 518, 520i and 530i are all part of the 5 Series. As the Series numbers go up, the cars get both larger in size and more expensive. So what are the differences between the different series?

To begin with, the 1 Series are small, relatively inexpensive cars, designed to compete with the VW Golf and similar cars They’re sensible rear wheel drives, soon to be in hatchback too.

The 3 Series, on the other hand, are luxury cars, although they are the lowest-priced, smallest ones. Before the introduction of the 1 Series, the intention of the 3 Series was to make BMWs accessible to young professionals who wanted a Beemer but couldn’t afford a full-size one. Most of the BMWs you see on the road today are 3 Series.

In the middle of the range is the 5 Series – the kind of car you might expect a junior executive to drive. Many BMW drives prefer the 5 Series, feeling that it offers the best value for money and that having their car any bigger is just annoying.

7 Series BMWs are often considered to be the ‘real deal’ – the cars that the company is famous for. People buying in this category could easily be buying a Jaguar or a Mercedes, but they’re choosing a BMW instead, which gives you some idea of the kind of expectations these cars have to live up to. They are amazingly luxurious. John Gibb is the owner of BMW facts For more information on BMW's check out http://www.bmw-resource2k.info

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