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Car Insurance Companies: A Few Top Quote Comparison Sites

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Car Insurance Companies: A Few Top Quote Comparison Sites

Tom Cromlento
August 12, 2006

Selecting the best car insurance companies for your circumstances can be a difficult task. As is the case with most popular topics, it is increasingly difficult to wade through the multitude of unhelpful "rate comparison" websites to find the best company for you. After spending much time scouring through the mess, I am glad to reveal to you the top 3 resources for great car insurance companies quotes. Keep in mind this is only my own opinion, but I'm sure others will agree.

1. Progressive.com

Progressive provides a resource to compare their rates with others. I have seen more advertising lately for Progressive than all other car insurance companies. I finally decided to give their instant service a try. Although others have found this helpful, it was down the day I attempted and all I got were Progressive quotes. Even so, it was a simple form that I was able to finish in minutes.

2. Insure.com

Insure is a popular place that gives rates for more than just car insurance companies. They also have sections for life, home, business, travel, and health insurance. One test I like to perform is whether they recognize my zip code. My zip code was added about 4 years ago, so it is annoying how many sites still say it is non-existant. Sadly, Insure was a site like this. Even though it really turns me off when they fail to have current zip code data, this is still a site you ought to use when you shop for car insurance for your family.

3. CarInsurance.com

This final site I found has the cleanest look of all. And guess what. They actually included my new North Carolina zip code! Keep in mind that apparently they conduct these car insurance companies reviews themselves. After the first screen I was taken to a screen to click to other sites serving my area. I chose NetQuote.com to conduct my research.

Realize that all these sites comparing car insurance companies have their own desire to make money before their attempt to save you money. So you should shop around even among comparison sites to get the most savings.

You will surely benefit from these rate comparison resources to select the best car insurance companies for you. Please forward along any other helpful sites you may have come across. This topic isn't just for "experts," you know! You can post your own helpful article at the site found in the section below. There's definitely at least a dozen other places for knowledgable car insurance companies insights which would benefit others as well. Please visit this site to learn more about the car insurance companies resources Tom Garimentis has found. Publishers: visit free car insurance companies web site content for a unique version of this article.

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