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Nissan Versa Ads Now Available For Viewing

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Nissan Versa Ads Now Available For Viewing

Shane Morgay
August 9, 2006

The newest Nissan Versa batch of ads and commercials are already available for viewing by anybody and by everybody. And this vehicle would surely have consumers in the auto market racing towards dealerships and show rooms to own one of these. The new ads would be marketing the latest Nissan Versa model to be an automobile that offers more than enough room, fuel efficient and rich in features. And everybody sure knows that even without ads, the Nissan Versa can be easily accessorized with items and products like Nissan accessories.

And a couple of days ago, Nissan made sure that they would be able to show off their batch of Nissan Versa ads on television stations. In fact, they were able to show off their commercials during the Star of Tomorrow premier. Star of Tomorrow is a show broadcasted over the NBC station. Nissan is able to show off teasers that were fifteen seconds in length. The company is sure able to do such a thing. After all, they did make sure that they are the main sponsors of the mentioned show.

The Nissan Versa website, on the other hand, also boasts of a new type of advertisement. There are banner ads that you can find on the website. And you can see an illustration of the disease that the company calls as “autoclaustrophobia”. This is specially shown through visuals that feature young people looking tortured as they squeezed into cars. These young passengers are also shown being pressed much too closely against the windows of the vehicles they are riding in. And the cure to “autoclaustrophobia” is a tagline which just so briefly states, “Next generation relief is coming.” And sure enough, the relief would come in the form of the roomy and versatile Nissan Versa.

The agency that created the batch of ads states, “It’s a small car that’s giant on the inside. It has a level of features and amenities that rival more expensive cars; and it gets incredible gas mileage. Once you open the door, and let them inside the space, then you tell the story of fuel efficiencies and high-tech features like Blue Tooth wireless and keyless entry.”

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