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Auto Salvage Yard

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Auto Salvage Yard

Dennis James
February 18, 2008

You have it in your mind you are completely able to deal with working on your car problems yourself. This is great and you might be the one who is knowledgeable about putting yourself to the test when it comes to changing out or completing repairs for your vehicle. What happens when you come to a place of not being able to find a new part in the local auto parts store or it is very expensive? How about those times when you are working on an older car and the part is not made anymore? It is time to turn your attention to the infamous auto salvage yard.

You know the exact places I am talking about. I am sure you have passed one or two and thought about how unsightly these places are. Most of them are covered by an outside fence but still you are perfectly aware of what lurks behind that fence. This vehicle graveyard is a precious source holding a plethora of car parts for your exact vehicle. If the insurance company can put these parts on your car when they repair it, why should it be any difference for you?

Auto salvage yards can save you loads of money when you need a way to purchase parts for your car. This lonely yard may be in more of a demand than you are aware of. There is no great feeling as when you find out the $300 piece you priced in the auto store is only $40 in a salvage yard. Insurance companies also utilize this form of auto parts to get rid of those vehicles that have been totaled so the recycling process can begin again for cars that are in use.

For those individuals who are earth friendly, why would you buy a new piece for your car unless it was absolutely necessary? Did you know that to produce one part for a car, it not only adds to the pollution in the air, takes up other precious resources like petroleum? When you take advantage of the auto salvage yards, you are recycling and saving some of the problems in the world. Today’s figure shows that there are millions of these vehicles in a recycling phase each year in America. Imagine how many parts that would add up too! Landfill space is also saved by the multitude of parts being reused instead of being thrown away.

If you have an older car, the use of the auto salvage yards will give you the opportunity to replace older work out parts with the original manufacturer parts and not generic parts. You do not have to worry about the parts you are buying. Those who make this line of work their profession are very knowledgeable about cars and whether or not the part is workable.

You will definitely be able to save yourself some precious money on the purchase of these parts. It is very expensive when you have to try to buy new parts for an older car. Some of the auto parts you choose will have a warranty on them. This means if you put it on your car and something happens within 30 – 90 days, you get a replacement part or a refund. It will just depend on the specific place. Make sure you buy from one yard that will give you this warranty in writing. Also find one that has access to a computer network so in cases where they do not have your part, they can find it quickly and have it shipped in. Dennis runs Car Dealer Check which is a independent Car Dealer Review site written by the car dealerships customers and a Car Forum.

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