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The Limited Edition Volkswagen Transporter Trendline

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The Limited Edition Volkswagen Transporter Trendline

Jennifer Dylan
August 7, 2006

Volkswagen announced the release of the new Volkswagen Transporter Trendline in the United Kingdom. The Transporter Trendline van was based on the best-selling vans in the UK, which is the Transporter van series. The new Volkswagen Trendline almost shares the same specifications just like the original Transporter van but it comes with additional equipments that would offer customers a new driving experience. The Transporter Trendline also contains features of a typical van along with the enhanced specifications that mark the excellence in quality of Volkswagen vehicles.

Volkswagen allows interested buyers of the new Volkswagen Transporter Trendline to choose between the 1.9-liter 102 PS and the 2.5-liter 130 PS engine. Of course, the choices would depend on the driving characteristic that the interested buyers would like to have in a vehicle. Both engine types provide direct injection that gets an added boost from Volkswagen’s Pump Duse high-pressure injection technology. The Transporter T28, which belongs to the Transporter series, inspired the development of the short wheelbase panel of the Trendline.

Surpassing the standard specifications of commercial vans, the Volkswagen Transporter Trendline offers advanced features like electric windows and electrically-heated and adjustable door mirrors that give the driver a clear sight of the side and rear of the vehicle. The internal central locking control feature of the Transporter Trendline provides added security for the occupants, and of course, the van itself. The driver will surely enjoy the comfortable feeling using the armrests located in the driver’s seat and full solid bulkhead provided by the new Transporter Trendline. However, prospected buyers would not be able to customize the new Volkswagen Transporter Trendline because it will come up only with a single exterior design and color, which includes Reflex Silver metallic paint, full diameter wheel trims, and a rear-mounted Trendline badge. As expected for Volkswagen vans, the Trendline is equipped with high quality Volkswagen parts and accessories. The Transporter Trendline’s interior was inspired by the old Volkswagen vans that offer a wide cabin area and spacious seats for the passengers.

Price range starts from £14,990 ($27,950) exclusive of VAT and other additional charges. Although customers can afford the Volkswagen Transporter Trendline, only few of them can bring home this unique van from Volkswagen because the Trendline is a limited special edition.

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