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The New York Times
July 8, 1906

Kellogg Wins Two National Events—Curtiss Disqualified After Victory.

Special to The New York Times.

ROCHESTER, N. Y., July 7.—The races to-day on the Crittenden Park track closed the fifth annual meet of the Federation of American Motor Cyclists.  Three National championships, postponed from July 4 on account of rain, were decided.  The one-mile National championship went to Stanley T. Kellogg, of Springfield, Mass., who won the endurance run from New York to Rochester on Tuesday; Walter Goerke of Brooklyn was second.

The five-mile National championship proved an easy victory for G. H. Curtiss of Hammondsport, who drove a five horse power machine of his own make.  A. Cook, a team mate of Curtiss, was second.  They, however, were disqualified later, as it was found their machines were over the specified weight.  First place was then given to S. T. Kellogg of Springfield.  The ten-mile championship went to Walter Goerke of Brooklyn.  Kellogg and De Rosier both fell.  The summaries:

One-Mile National Championship.—Won by S. T. Kellogg, Springfield, Mass.; Walter Goerke, Brooklyn, second; George N. Holden, Springfield, third.  Time—1:26.

Ten-Mile Championship, Flying Start.—Won by Walter Goerke, Brooklyn; George N. Holden, Springfield, second; William C. Chadeayne, Buffalo, third.  Time—15:10 4-5.

Three-Mile Hang-Together Race.—Won by G. H. Curtiss, Hammondsport; S. T. Kellogg, Springfield, second; A. Cook, Hammondsport, third.  Time—5:25 1-5.

Five-Mile National Championship.—Won by S. T. Kellogg, Springfield; J. B. De Rosier, Springfield, second; G. H. Holden, Springfield, third.  Walter Goerke and W. C. Chadeayne also started.  G. H. Curtiss, Hammondsport, who was first in 6:55 1-5, and Albert Cook, Hammondsport, disqualified because machines were overweight.

One Mile, Flying Start.—Won by T. B. De Rosier, Springfield; G. N. Holden, Springfield, second; S. T. Kellogg, Springfield, third.  Time—1:27 2-5.

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