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Want To Own A Sports Car?

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Want To Own A Sports Car?

Jaturong Panomphoum
February 5, 2013

Sedans and SUVs are cars that do the mundane job of getting you to work and taking the family out on a holiday. There are exotic cars that celebrities drive for a red carpet evening. Sports cars are deities, they are opulence and grandeur. When we talk about sports cars the first thing that crosses our mind is a big poster we see in every little boy's room. It is indeed a dream to drive a sports car. The Jaguar, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, the Bentley Continental GT Speed, The Audi R8 Spider are some of the legends in this legion.

Owning a sports car is highly expensive not just in terms of price but also in terms of maintenance. But then who doesn't want to own one? The sheer thrill of driving a super-fast car loaded with features is a gratifying experience. Watching a sports car go by is like looking at a super model on a beach.

Types of Sports Cars

The two distinct body styles that sports cars come in are coupe and convertible. The coupe is more popular and it can be of the closed or an open roof variety. If you want to experience the ultimate in fun then some of the best performers with a five star rating are Audi R8, BMW M3, Porsche 911, Porsche Boxter, Mercedes Benz SL and the list goes on.

Sports cars come with rear wheel drive that makes it easier for the driver to steer the car at sharp corners. This requires a lot of skill and more often than not used by sports racers whose need for speed is taken into consideration while designing the car. Modern sports cars have stable control systems that are sophisticated and hence they do not over steer at sharp turnings especially when racing. Porsche 911, Audi, Volvo C70 and some others come with the front wheel drive feature.

How to choose a sports car

Sports cars are all about engine, gear box and speed. Choose a car that is favoured in the market as the best one to buy. Talk to specialists in the auto industry. The car you choose has to fit your budget and must have a decent resale value. Sports car industry like the fashion industry is very fickle and the cars go out of fashion every season. Hence choose a car which is in trend.

Sports cars are built for speed and high performance. They are built to accelerate at high speeds and also brake precisely. The car you choose must be built with a good power to weight ratio. That is why specialized components are used to build a sports car like light weight bodies and powerfully tuned engines. Can you imagine a sports car accelerating from zero to sixty miles in just under 4 seconds with a speed of 240 miles per hour? Premium upholstery, electronic door locks and sophisticated entertainment systems are added attractions that come with sports cars.

Not all sports cars are expensive. You can realize your dream with smaller budget sports cars like Honda CR - Z, Hyundai Veloster, Volkswagen Sirocco and Mazda MX 5.

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