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F150 Central - Great Service And Value For New And Used Trucks

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F150 Central - Great Service And Value For New And Used Trucks

Liza Reese Oliver
February 6, 2013

When it comes to trucks, be they for business or pleasure, the Ford F150 is often the top pick for buyers. This premier truck from one of the most beloved auto company has been the runaway winner for several truck award-giving groups and the latest model is expected to clinch the top spots in all motor charts as well.

But the F150 is not only well-loved for consistently coming out with new features. In fact, the model from the seventies is a must-have for truck fans and vintage car collectors. Though its function can be rather too simplistic especially when compared to the latest models, when it comes to durability the F150 from the seventies still gets top marks. These days, it's actually quite common to still see them in industrial and agricultural settings; they're used as cargo trucks for hay, animals and other heavy items.

As for the newer models, they manage to attract even more fans because of their better fuel economy, sleeker overall design and high performing functionalities. The makers of the truck really pay great attention to continuously elevating the F150 and ensuring that it's the complete standard and leader of superior truck quality.

Versatility is also another important quality of the new F150 - when you see it, you do not instantly see it as a utility vehicle but rather as an incredibly stylish truck that you can use for any event. The 2014 F150 that was released not too long ago has a very luxurious exterior complemented with a host of new, attractive features. Truck enthusiasts rave about how it seems to resemble the nice silhouette of the Ford Flex and how it presents more possibilities for further enhancements.

F150 Central is the best place to see all the F150 models; from the classic vintage ones to the latest version released by Ford. And, for those who are looking to buy, they will be amazed at the selection of both used and new F150 trucks for sale. The F150 Central has long been the favourite dealership of locals for not only do they get an impressive range of prices and models to choose from, but the place is also thoroughly dedicated on serving the needs of their clients. This dealership offers its customers different payment options, car finder services and even special maintenance services other Ford dealerships will find hard to compete with, so it's no wonder its customer base just keeps on expanding with every new year that rolls in.

The F150 central offers used Ford vehicles at the right price. For more details, go to http://www.hannafords.ca/f-150-central-new.htm

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