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Fight to Beat Speeding Tickets

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Fight to Beat Speeding Tickets

Dean Fraizer
February 11, 2013

A speeding ticket is not alien to a regular driver. Your world should continue to revolve even if you get cited for speeding. After all, you can always contest the charge or at least reduce the damage to your finances. You only need a good defense to fight your way out of the mess. Here are some of the things you can do.

Postpone the date of the hearing or trial. The longer the case drags on, the better your chances of getting the officer disinterested enough not to appear in court. Depending on your state, you may not have to pay for the traffic violation if the issuing officer does not show up. You win by default.

Dress well and relax in court. Make sure to know the venue way ahead of time so you can plan your trip. Dress in a presentable manner and come to the hearing early. This will give you enough time to calm your nerves and go over your defense one more time.

Keep a pleasant demeanor. Smile to the police officer who issued the ticket and be nice to him. Since he will be the one to contest your defense later, make sure that he is likewise in a good mood when you face each other for the speeding ticket hearing. He will definitely remember if you give him a bad attitude.

Take photos of the area where the incident happened. If the sign indicating the speed limit is not clearly noticeable on the road where you were pulled over, you can present pictures. This will help in your defense.

Check entries on the ticket. Errors on the ticket may be used to request for the dismissal of the case on technical grounds. Hope to find at least one as this may prove to be your best defense in your fight to beat the traffic violation citation.

Look and act stupid. This may not be hard for some people. As soon as the officer pulls you over. Never admit that you were speeding. Simply ask the officer if he is just performing a routine driver's license inspection. If the officer insists on giving you a ticket for speeding, ask him how you can pay the fine online. This will keep him from taking down notes as he will assume that you are not coming to the speeding ticket hearing. He may possibly forget the speeding charge and help you totally avoid traffic court.

This Speeding Ticket Blog is about the information that the insurance companies, cops, courts and prosecutors don't want you to know about because it turns the tables on them and shows you exactly how to beat them at their own sneaky little games for any traffic violations.

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