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Speeding Tickets: Learn to Avoid Them

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Speeding Tickets: Learn to Avoid Them

Dean Fraizer
February 11, 2013

Speed limits - well, yes, we all know the importance. They are there for road safety. We can't have everyone just going as fast as they want, right? That would be dangerous.

Police officers are there for the implementation of the speed limits. If they catch someone going over the speed limit, they are going to hand out a speeding ticket. If you're the one on the receiving end of that ticket, then that's not good.

Why Do Motorists Get Traffic Tickets?

Traffic tickets are issued to motorists who commit a traffic violation or infraction. Infractions are offenses that are not considered a crime. The penalty would be a fine. On the other hand, a violation is more severe. Violations are considered crimes and the violator will go through a trial.

A violation can be classified as moving or non-moving. They are easy to distinguish from each other. Moving violations are those committed by a vehicle in motion. Non-moving violations are tied to vehicles that are not in motion.

Traffic tickets will be handed to you if you commit an infraction or violation. It will be a notice containing what law you broke and other important information. Exceeding the speed limit belongs to moving violations. You will also see in the ticket the fine you have to pay or any other penalties.

How to Avoid Tickets

Well, how do you avoid getting a speeding ticket? The most obvious answer is, of course, not to go over the speed limit. That would be the safest and most certain way to not getting a ticket. What about if you have already been pulled over? What if you're already accused but you are very sure that you are not speeding?

Here are some tips in avoiding a speeding ticket:

On a situation where there are many cars on the road, what you want to do is avoid getting attention. You can do this by staying on the main flow of traffic, not changing lanes frequently; staying in the middle of the car flow - not out front, not at the very back, and avoiding the fast lane.

Generally, you'd want your vehicle to be generic. This can also help in not attracting attention. Keep it clean. Refrain from putting numerous modifications, like spoilers, window tint, etc. Make your car appear as if saying "my owner is a law abiding citizen, not some deviant."

Don't ever admit that you are speeding. If you've been pulled over and the officer says you are speeding, only answer with noncommittal or vague responses. Be careful of what you say. Every word can be used against you in court.

Don't worry if the officer's mind is made up. There are still ways to get your ticket dismissed. In any case, it is still the best practice to actually avoid committing any traffic violations.

This Speeding Ticket Blog is about the information that the insurance companies, cops, courts and prosecutors don't want you to know about because it turns the tables on them and shows you exactly how to beat them at their own sneaky little games for any traffic violations.http://SpeedingTicketFixer.com

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