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Keep Your Car's Good Looks With Car Wax and Polish

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Keep Your Car's Good Looks With Car Wax and Polish

Vincent Platania
August 4, 2006

Everyone would agree that a clean, freshly waxed and polished car looks great. Even if you don’t own a Ferrari, knowing your car is glistening in the sun as you drive around in it is a source of pride. Yet, the time and labor involved to properly wax and polish a car on a regular basis can eat into your leisure hours, a luxury so few of us have these days. But, keeping your car clean and looking good doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process. Here are some tips to bring out your car’s good looks with car wax and polish made simple and quick.

Short Cuts

Every car enthusiast is aware of the virtues of waxing his vehicle. A thorough wax job not only imparts a glossy sheen to a car’s exterior, but also helps to protect its paint from fading. It also helps prevent potential corrosion due to its constant exposure to harmful chemicals and dirt in the environment.

But, with today’s hectic schedules, most people do not have the time to tend to their vehicles’ more aesthetic needs. You can always bring your car in for a professional wax and polish, but this becomes costly if done on a regular basis. Besides, a true car lover derives great satisfaction from polishing up his “baby.”

So what’s the solution? Consider adding an “in-between waxes” product to your collection of car cleaning supplies (FULLER Quick Shine Aerosol Car Polish). These products are formulated to produce the same immediate effects of a thorough 2-step wax and polish, but in half the time. A quick spray and wipe is all it takes to give your vehicle an instant shine plus a light sealant to repel dirt.

Don’t Forget About Your Tires!

Tires are the part of your car closest to the ground and they will roll through everything you steer them into: dirt, gravel, salty water, slush, and whatever else you choose to roam through. To keep your tires looking new, clean them, at least lightly, on a regular basis and spiff up their look with a glossing product (FULLER Tire Glo). Just spray onto your tires and leave it to dry. Your tires will immediately glow with that coveted wet look.

Beauty is Skin Deep

If there is anything to this old adage, then your car’s interior should reflect its truth. While no one is suggesting you run out and purchase a complete kit of auto detailing supplies, some effort should be made to maintain the look of your car’s interior. Try a cleaner made especially for vinyl and leather to clean and protect it from cracking and becoming dull (FULLER Vinyl and Leather Cleaner / Polish / Protectant). The inside of your vehicle will shine, and smell great too!

No matter what you drive, your vehicle will always look its best if it is properly cared for. Cleaning, waxing, and polishing need not be time-consuming undertakings. Take these guidelines to task, and make your car the same source of pride it was the day you brought her home.

Author Vincent Platania represents the Fuller Brush Company. Fuller Brush has been in business since 1906, and offers safe, environmentally friendly products for keeping your home and your body clean. Visit http://www.fullerstore.com

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