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If You Are Planning On Detailing Your Car Find A Professional Auto Shop

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If You Are Planning On Detailing Your Car Find A Professional Auto Shop

Shane Hester
March 5, 2013

Whether your ride is a top-of-the-range designer automobile or whether you get by with a comfortable vehicle, both these would benefit greatly from a thorough detailing job. A complete auto detailing schedule would take care of a systematic cleaning, waxing and polishing of both interiors and exteriors of your vehicle and ensure that it stays clean, hygienic and also attains that showroom quality look. This would be great when you're planning to re-sell or attend an auto show and would enhance the appearance and safety aspects of your automobile.

Don't even think of DIY as this is a job that's best left to the professionals. Here's what a professional auto shop can offer:

Trained, expert and experienced staff: Most staff in the big auto shop chains have undergone state certified training in auto detailing. They have a thorough knowledge of the chemicals used, and completely understand the processes and skills required.

Pricing: Whether you're going to one of the national chains or your local auto detailer their professional rates and pricing are more or less standard. Hence you don't get ripped off by someone who claims to be an expert and charges you big bucks for a job that's easily done for a much lesser price by a professional auto shop.

Process: Exterior detailing involves paint touch-ups, sealants, buff and wax, hand-wax, hand wash and polishing. Included are engine cleaning/conditioning and wheel buffing. If you have a vinyl top, this also gets a thorough clean. Body work is not included. Interior detailing includes shampoo for seats, upholstery, mats, carpets, with conditioner and application of fabric guard/protectors. However it does not include re-upholstering, painting or other repairs. The dash, console, door and entertainment centers are also thoroughly cleaned, with optional cleaning of your air-con. Window-tinting, new or restored headlights, decorative elements can all be provided if required. Changing air-bags and seat-belts, baby-seats and child-proof locking systems may be other options. Some professionals also offer intense engine detailing features like engine-degrease, with steam or high-pressure water.

Special offers: Professional auto shops often have discounts, gift coupons and special offers for their regular customers. They may also offer seasonal discounts, fleet services, pre-paid cards and coupons for different services which customers can collect and redeem as required. Pick up and drop services, quick services like lube or glass-repair/replacement may be available. Another thing to remember is that some professional auto shops are geared to handle foreign vehicles and can source spares and authentic paint, upholstery and accessories for you.

For your auto detailing needs, find the nearest and most reliable professional auto shop and leave the rest to them.

When looking to find one of the best auto detailing shops around St Petersburg you might want to check out a North West Auto Collision shop.

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