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Heavy Duty Ford Trucks For Commercial And Personal Use

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Heavy Duty Ford Trucks For Commercial And Personal Use

Katrina Remmington
March 6, 2013

Western automobile brand, Ford Motors, has always been synonymous with innovative and superior quality. Every year, its vehicles always manage to find a high or top spot in motoring trends rankings for the best picks in certain classifications. Hence, it's no wonder Ford enjoys consistently high sales compared to other auto brands.

While most are largely familiar with the luxurious SUVs and cars of Ford, its trucks are just as popular among commercial organizations that require heavy duty trucks for their mobile operations. Apart from being really spacious, these trucks have the most impressive towing and cargo capacities. Listed below are some Ford trucks that are utilized for both commercial and personal purposes.

1. Ford Ranger - This has been labeled as the most versatile pick-up truck in the market and has recorded high retail sales the previous year. Many like the sleek design of this truck which is perfect for people who want a luxurious look for their high-performing pick-up truck.

2. Ford F150 - This is the flag-bearer of the auto brand and continues to be the top pick of people who love the outdoors and businesses that transport really heavy cargo. The 2013 F150 can handle as much as 11,300 lb of cargo weight and people who love to travel and bring a trailer with them will surely enjoy the improved fuel economy that goes with this impressive towing capacity. Bigger and heavier-duty versions of this truck are the Ford F250 and F350 which also have amazing stability and cruising controls.

3. E-Series Cutaway - This truck comes in three models: the E-350 SRW, E-350 DRW and E-450 DRW. All these trucks boast of 5.4L EFI TritonR V8 engine, TorqShiftR Five-Speed Automatic Overdrive with Tow/Haul Mode and Alternator - 120-amp. They all also feature a silent-design cam drive for a quiet and smooth operation and a fail-safe cooling system; they are also flex-fuel-capable, which basically means that they're capable of running on E85, unleaded gasoline or a combination of the two. These trucks are very versatile; a cab can be attached to them, as well as a trailer.

4. E-Series Wagon Series - This has a towing capacity of 10,000 lb and can seat seven to 18 people. Every vehicle in this series can be customized according to the functional need of the riders; it is highly recommended for cargo transportation and use by physically handicapped drivers and riders. It has numerous features to make driving and riding safer, more enjoyable, comfortable and easier. It's available in seven versatile models: the E-150 XL and XLT, E-350 XL and XLT Premium, and the E-350 XL Extended, XLT, and XLT Extended.

When your family or business requires a good SUV, Ford trucks are a good choice to go for with their proven reliability throughout the years.

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