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When Time Is Money

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When Time Is Money

Eli Gali
January 20, 2014

With a new BMW costing over $30,000 one could expect the owners to be successful business people. At least, this is the perception. Successful business people - men and women - rarely have the luxury of time to shop around for the best BMW service. These top professionals have not gotten above the glass ceiling by being duped by the average repair shop.

Discerning owners want to find a BMW Repair Shop that gives them everything a dealer will, except the high prices. Yes, the automobile was expensive but there is no sense or sensibility in over-paying for any service, even something as simple as an oil change. These owners do not want to be sitting around waiting for grease monkeys to work on their cars. They want a shop that is spotless and perhaps offers free Wi Fi so they can work while they wait.

The BMW repair shop must hire only the best technicians. These experts must continually be educated on the latest in diagnostic techniques and all the updates that have been made on specific models. If a customer comes in and says the auto is not performing well or is making an unusual noise, the mechanic will be able to listen to the client and translate what has been said into his technical knowledge.

And above all, the BMW service center must be able to work on a host of problems. The owner's time is money and it cannot be wasted running from shop to shop trying to find the cause of a problem and then getting it repaired. The BMW repair shop should be able to handle heating and A/C problems, factory recommended annual services, computer diagnostics, tune-ups, transmission services and anything else that could need attention on a BMW.

There will be shops that say they can handle BMW's when in fact they service American made models in the same location. Maybe - and that's a maybe - they can sell tires or do an oil change, but it is very unlikely that their personnel have taken years of courses in repairing BMW's. Everything is trial and error which takes time. Time and money.

Once the busy professional finds a qualified BMW repair shop that can handle any problem with the car, the mechanic will quickly become a good friend. He will tell the owner about certain proactive and preventive measures that can be taken right now that will negate high repair bills in the near future. The mechanic knows this client's vehicle inside and out and would never think to suggest any repairs or preventive maintenance that was not absolutely needed. He is a person the owner can trust.

The BMW is the owner's pride and joy. The owner of a good BMW repair shop needs to be one who is truly proud of his personnel and work that leaves the shop.

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