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Are There Specialists In BMW Service?

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Are There Specialists In BMW Service?

Eli Gali
January 21, 2014

You have purchased a pre-owned Beemer and it is your pride and joy. Up to now, it is the most expensive item you have ever bought. You want the very best BMW repair shop but you do not want to have to pay a whole week's salary just for minor work. Yes, you spent a great deal on the car but you still have car notes.

Your friends have told you that you need to find one mechanic who will get to know your car intimately. Someone you can trust. Someone who has been trained and educated on working on these high performance vehicles. He doesn't have to speak German but he has to understand German engineering. BMW service will never be cheap unless you go to someone who tells you they can fix your Beemer but has never been under the hood of one.

Then the cheap repairs will turn into costly do-overs by someone else. If you look around and do as much research on the BMW Repair Shop as you did on the model you bought, you will find a convenient shop that has much better prices than a dealership. They will probably have better prices than other shops that perform foreign auto repairs. Before you take your car into a shop for service, let your fingers do the walking. Select something fairly simple that does not need a lot of questions to come up with a price. Choose something like a used car inspection if you did not have your pre-owned BMW inspected prior to your purchase.

Call three BMW Repair shops and tell them you are considering the purchase of a used Beemer and you see in their advertising that they perform Used Vehicle Inspections. Ask each one what they cover in the inspection, how long the process takes, and how much do they charge? From your research you will be able to tell who is the most thorough and who is the least expensive. However, what if you already have an issue with your car and need BMW service? How can you determine which is the best shop? You can still follow the above guidelines.

Let's say you are having trouble with your air conditioning. You call the three shops and tell them exactly what is happening. They will all tell you that they cannot give you a quote until they determine the exact problem. You say this is fine. But - can they give you a best case and worst case scenario? When they look at your car will they give you a written estimate? Will they stand by it? How long do they guarantee their work? By asking common sense, educated questions you will be able to select the best BMW repair shop for you. But here is a note to put in the back of your mind: even if you have an A/C problem you want full-service BMW repair that can fix your A/C today but can also fix your transmission or any other problem with your car that might happen down the road.

This will be the introduction to that one mechanic whom you will trust and will get to know your pride and joy inside and out.

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