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Top 5 Acura Models of All Time

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Top 5 Acura Models of All Time

John Stone
January 29, 2014

Since debuting in America in 1986, it has been one of the most popular Japanese luxury brands. Acura is best known as being the luxury version of Honda's, as they are made with Honda's part, but meant for the luxury consumer. Due to Acura's superior luxury status, and excellent reliability and production, I have decided to compile a list of the top Acura vehicles ever produced.
1.) Acura Legend- This is by far one of the most popular vehicles that Acura has ever created. It was the flagship sedan from 1986-1995, but the more popular redesigned model that debuted in 1991 was the main flag winner. The car was best known for being driven by members of high status, including many celebrities. The rapper Notorious BIG often rapped about driving in his Acura Legend.

2.) Acura NSX- This is the fastest Acura ever produced. It was produced between 1990 and 2005, but there are rumors that Acura will be putting it back on the market. The car is very rare, and due to its large initial cost, the car is hard to find used. The car is one of the only rear-wheel drive Acura's of all time. The original cost of an Acura NSX could be anywhere around $80,000.

3.) Acura TL- The Acura TL first debuted in 1996, as a replacement of the previous generation car, The Acura Vigor. The TL is still being produced today, and for a suggested retail of around $35,000-40,000, it is still among the luxury consumer, although on the lower end of the spectrum. The TL is Acura's best selling model to date, and with good reason. The recent models have been redesigned in 2004, and since then minor changes have been made to the appearance. If I were to buy an Acura today (I already own an Acura Legend, my favorite car of all time), this would be it.

4.) Acura Integra- The Acura Integra is still often found on the road today, despite the fact production of the vehicle was stopped in 2007. The car originally debuted in 1985 as a front wheel drive sports car. The car came in both coupe and sedan, and is commonly found today among young kids who have customized the vehicle, by adding both performance and exterior modifications.

5.) Acura TSX- The Acura TSX is still on the market today, and actually just went through a major redesign. It is known as the entry level luxury car offered by Acura, and typically retails at around $30,000. The car was introduced in 2003, and has been quite popular since then. The car is a little more sporty than some of the other Acura sedans, so this car is more popular among the younger generations who can afford it.

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