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Sacramento To Receive Ford Escape Hybrid Tech Clinic

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Sacramento To Receive Ford Escape Hybrid Tech Clinic

Jay Stevens
August 3, 2006

Many cities all across the United States sure have benefited from the Ford Escape Hybrid Technology Clinic offered by the Ford Motor Company. And this time around, the company is set out on sharing the technology clinic to another city – the City of Sacramento in the state of California.

This huge motoring event would be held at the Marriott Hotel located in the Sunrise Blvd in Rancho Cordova or the mentioned city. This would take place on the 2nd of August this year which would fall on a Wednesday. The huge event would start at 10 in the morning. As part of this Ford Escape Hybrid Technology Clinic, there would also be a Ford Escape Hybrid clinic made just for owners of hybrid vehicles, especially the Ford Escape Hybrid. It will be held during the same day in the mentioned location. However, this would only be running for two hours – from six up until eight in the evening.

Many car owners and drivers would be able to discover the benefits of hybrids through this clinic. And aside from this, they would also be able to learn and understand the specific advantages of having hybrids. Owners and interested participants would also be taught the proper way of maintaining hybrid vehicles with the assistance of Ford parts like Ford Falcon parts, as well as how to do repair without help from expert mechanics.

This is indeed a very timely event. After all, many cities are now turning towards hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. They are doing this so as to be able to meet their goals towards attaining clean air. Cities are also doing this so as to help consumers and their citizens reduce their costs on fuel. Now, many cities are also using hybrid vehicles for taxi cabs as well as vehicles for their municipal fleets.

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