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What Is Wrong If Your Car Stereo Makes Noise

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What Is Wrong If Your Car Stereo Makes Noise

Ludwig Wylde
March 10, 2014

Noise in your car radio can come from many places in the vehicle and underneath the hood. The sounds could be whines, clicks, rumbles or simply plain old static. Is the sound in your AM radio or in the FM stereo? Can it be noticed if you are playing a tape or CD? What kind does it take? These are only a few of the numerous questions that you can reply with a few simple checks. There are many products in the market designed to suppress noise in your car radio. The majority will not be needed plus a do-it-yourself car audio checkup can most likely find the issue.

Check the antenna. It's out in the weather, in the event your car antenna is mounted in the chassis. Rain, wind, and sleet can give rise to a connection issue. Do you have a flag, blossom or other object mounted in the antenna? Wind pressure in the object could cause undesirable vibrations that can loosen the antenna connection.

Try and change the antenna to determine if it really is loose. In case it creates static, tighten the link. AM radio is Amplitude Modulated and will pick up motor sound in the event the radio is poorly grounded or whether new spark plug wires are needed. Make sure the ground wire in the rear of the radio is tightly linked to the chassis.

Pay attention to the FM stereo with all the vehicle engine running. A highpitched whine could signal a poorly grounded alternator. A great solid ground in the alternator to the chassis is important. Turn the radio on using the motor turned off and make use of the turn signals and brakes. Clicking sounds could signal a bad ground in the radio.

Solve most vehicle audio problems by checking the integrity of the ground connections in the sound producers like spark plugs, alternator, heater and air-conditioner motors within the car. Connections for all parts of your own automobile's electrical system has to be good and also the integrity of each and every one ought to be checked until the supply of your own audio sound is located.

When possible, practice the engineer's onehand rule when working with electrical wiring. Keep one-hand in your own pocket when working with any cable carrying an electrical charge. This will help you avoid electrical shock. Use caution when checking any electrical wiring. Do not run the engine within an enclosed room while doing your audio assess.

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