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Benefits Of Having An Aftermarket Car Audio System

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Benefits Of Having An Aftermarket Car Audio System

Ludwig Wylde
March 11, 2014

Anyone who wants to get the most out of his or her car audio system, particularly those with a discerning ear, should seriously consider installing a high-quality aftermarket stereo. Your vehicle's factory system consists of a stereo and some speakers. In the vast majority of cases, if you replace these, your music will sound better. Sounds pretty simple. An "after-market" car stereo is one that you buy and install in your car after you've purchased the car. The stereo that came with the car when it was manufactured is known as an "OEM" stereo ("original equipment manufacturer").

Navigation systems. Car DVD players. It's easy get swept away by all the latest technology when you're in the showroom shopping for your next car or truck, but it's important to remember that these features are also available in aftermarket models. In fact, choosing to install your car GPS and/or mobile video players as aftermarket equipment can actually save you a great deal of money without undermining either their performance or their appearance!

There are lots of good after market stereos out there, but there's also lots of crappy ones. Go with a well-known brand such as Pioneer, Kenwood, or Sony. Aftermarket navigation systems are available in both portable and installed versions, and you may be surprised at just how affordable they are.

Portable car GPS are often discounted because of the risk of theft, but they do offer perks like being able to operate the nav system while the vehicle is in motion (let the passenger do it please!) and the ability to transfer the unit from one car to another (great for rental cars, too!).

Most people are unsure about upgrading the sound system because they are concerned it will be too complicated, either fitting or compatibility. However with speakers the only thing you really have to look for is the mounting size and depth. The rest tends to take care of its self.

The size of the speakers will depend on the size of the "holes" left from the previous speakers. They usually 5.25" but can be 4" and 6.5". The depth is the amount of space between the door card wall and the car door wall ; this will vary from car to car.

There are lots of reputable online merchants you can buy from, or you can get your stereo at any "big box" store. Be careful when buying online to choose a seller who is authorized by the manufacturer, or else the warranty will not be valid. If you are unsure, you'd be better off buying from a local retailer.

A specialist will always do better. And, specialized stores and specialists only sell aftermarket car audio products and accessories. One of the most important thing to consider is price. Car audio systems are affordable and one can have the option of purchasing anything that fits their budget.

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