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The Significance of Bumpers

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The Significance of Bumpers

Jenny McLane
August 2, 2006

Safety on the road is one significant factor that every driver should consider. Getting involved in a car crash is definitely one of the most terrible things that you would not want to happen while traveling. Checking the durability of your auto parts, like Acura parts is also another effective method in preventing car troubles. As of today, there are a lot of safety driving tips that you could find on the internet and from other reliable sources. However, following such tips does not offer complete protection for your vehicle’s occupants during car collisions. The important thing is to have an effective safety device attached on your car to provide absolute protection for both the driver and passengers.

There are quality safety devices out in the market today along with the ongoing research and development of advanced car safety technologies. Safety belts and airbags are among the safety devices that have been developed by car manufacturers. Most modern cars are equipped with safety technology devices that offer additional protection and accident prevention. These include the anti-lock braking systems, stability control systems, tire pressure sensors, and other patented car safety devices.

One of the most effective external safety devices you can find on your car is the bumper. Car bumpers are located at the front and the rear of a certain vehicle. During a car crash, bumpers can actually absorb the impact generated, thus reducing the damage and injuries taken from the collision. In the previous years, bumpers were originally made of durable heavy steel, but today most modern bumpers are made of various materials such as rubber, plastic, or lightweight metal. Other car manufacturers build bumper covers and bumper guards to increase the durability of the bumper and provide additional protection.

There are laws and ordinances about bumpers in the United States that require car owners to equip their vehicles with front and rear bumpers for safety reasons.

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