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How To Install A Radio In A VW Passat

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How To Install A Radio In A VW Passat

Ludwig Wylde
March 21, 2014

Most car manufacturers take in car entertainment very seriously and they ensure that they come with custom made stereos. Each car owner have their own preferences and they go to an extend of replacing these to the systems to their preferred choices. The VW Passat aftermarket radio is one of these alternatives. The aftermarket radios come with extras that car owners seek to improve their driving experiences.

Installing a car radio can be complicated especially if it is the first time you are trying it. This is not the case with the Passat aftermarket system. Irrespective of the Passat model, installing this enhancement is very easy; in fact, most of the cars features are easy to upgrade. Replacing the factory made radio with the latest VW Passat aftermarket radio does not require a professional.

The replacement unit comes with an adapter making the installation process very easy. Most of these are usually compatible with dashboard or kit. The idea is to ensure you have the right unit for the correct model. Most VW Passat aftermarket radio designs are compatible and they retain the aesthetics and decor of the car after installation.

More importantly, if you are using USB stick or a MP3 player, they will easily connect with the custom made AUX. This simple installation procedure takes around 30 minutes and the tool you need is just a simple torx screwdriver. You can install your VW Passat aftermarket radio at your backyard thus saving you time to look for a workshop.

When you are ready for the installation, make sure that the negative battery terminal is disconnected as this might cause some accidental short circuit which might affect the cars wiring system. To remove the old radio, start by peeling off the Passat's 3c trim because this is what holds the radio against the dashboard.

With the use of the torx screwdriver, unscrew the four torx screws and pull the unit towards you. After you are done, the connecting wires are now visible and you can disconnect them from the back of the radio. The sockets become visible and you can compare these with your new VW Passat aftermarket radio and see if they are compatible.

The next step is to proceed to the quadlock and turn the lever to pop it out. This way, it becomes easy to remove the antenna connection and free the old radio through disconnecting other wires and the Passat 3c. Once done, you can now start the process of installing your VW Passat aftermarket radio. As mentioned earlier, this process should take more that 30 minutes of your time.

VW Passat car owners insist on installing their VW Passat aftermarket radio on their own because it saves them money and time. It is also good to check out the manual or online reviews as they are rich installation resources. The choice of the radio can be done online as well and you need to get the specifications right before placing your order. On the other hand, ensure the unit you are installing is what the manufacturer recommends and should come with a warranty.

Go to the site: Radio tauschen VW Passat Einbauanleitung. They cover much on car audio. They'll allow you to do a better job of your car audio setup visit VW Radioblenden for more details.

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