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What's So Special About Mini Cooper Repair?

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What's So Special About Mini Cooper Repair?

Eli Gali
March 25, 2014

Ask any Mini Cooper owner what is so special about their little car and they will go on and on about individual features that make it a remarkable car. Probably the biggest lift in the life of the Mini was its purchase by BMW back in the mid-2000's. This brought a fusion of a classic British little car with the prowess of German engineering. It has become a favorite little car with Americans.

Do not let the smaller price tag of a basic model fool you. Just because there is no sticker-shock and a middle class American can own one, not just any neighborhood garage or repair shop should work on a Mini Cooper no more than the average mechanic can or should work on a BMW.

Because of the German engineering it takes a mechanic who has been specially trained to analyze as assess the inner workings of the car. Today's high-tech, European engine management systems require the modern-day auto technician to have a thorough working knowledge of their sophisticated components. For a Mini Cooper you need a Master Technicians who not only has the knowledge and the skill to handle any auto repair or maintenance service, but also have the latest scanning equipment for the vehicles serviced, including the Mini-Cooper. The diagnostic equipment used for American made autos will not necessarily work for the Mini.

A Mini-Cooper owner is wise to find one specialized repair shop that can handle the smallest to the largest of issues. This would mean that the owner would visit the same shop for an oil change and brake service as he or she would for engine repair and transmission maintenance - whether an automatic or a manual drive.

It is not necessary to spend the time and money getting service from an auto dealership. The Mini-Cooper is popularly priced but dealership repairs are traditionally higher than independent shops. Owners can find skilled technicians and repair shops that offer the same amenities as the dealers without the dealer markup. Waiting rooms are clean, bright and airy. Because most owners are working people with busy schedules, the customer area could have Wi Fi available just in case they would like to keep working while they wait. And if the vehicle needs to be left overnight, the shop would need to have a secure and safe place to hold an important investment.

And another thing, even if you find a repair shop for your Mini Cooper that is not an authorized dealer, you want to ensure the parts utilized are equal to or exceed the standards of those parts originally used by the manufacturer.

Mini Coopers are a blast to drive and owners enjoy the luxury of being able to fit into tight parking spaces that they larger cars cannot. It seems like the world of parking was just waiting

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