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How Do I Get The Best Sound Out Of My Car Stereo System

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How Do I Get The Best Sound Out Of My Car Stereo System

Ludwig Wylde
March 27, 2014

To be able to really get the most from your custom car audio system you really need to do a little preparation. The head unit refers to the main device that functions as the source of the sound or merely the radio that is installed in the auto's dashboard. The unit has tuner part and a radio receiver that gets radio frequencies through an antenna. The tuner is used to choose or correct radio frequencies or broadcast bands.

The device has other parts, like a disc player that plays different types of disc formats, sound signals that are sent by a preamplifier to the speakers and the sound that is shaped by an equalizer. The radio device has an interface for control over the unit's distinct functions such as the volume and menu features. The head unit is powered from the auto's electrical distribution system. Cables and wires also connect the head unit to all the other parts in the audio system.

The radio unit is supplied with a preamplifier. The preamplifier is assembled into the radio device and prepares the electronic signal for further boosting. The equalizer and tone control is also incorporated by this built-in component. An audio amplifier, on the flip side, is a different system from your head unit and is used to further increase the power and sound quality of the radio and push the different speakers.

If higher quality speakers are utilized in the automobile, the amplifier can send a higher power output to enhance the speakers resulting in better quality sound. The amplifier location in the audio system chain is between the head unit and the speakers.

The speaker system consists of different kinds of different sound qualities that are produced by speakers. High frequency sound is produced by the tweeter; low frequency sound is produced by the woofer; the mid-range loudspeaker produces a midfrequency sound between the tweeter and the woofer, and the lowest frequency sound is produced by the subwoofer. The signal output may be shaped more by the head unit's interface.

The capacitor provides the audio system with additional electrical energy. A car's upgraded audio system and its parts require adequate electrical energy to function correctly. To avoid taking too much of the vehicle's electrical power, the capacitor can store additional energy to be used on-demand without affecting the vehicle's electrical flow. The sound signal from the radio unit to all the other parts will be disrupted if it does not have consistent electricity flow.

Other parts may be attached to the head unit, like storage devices, portable audio players and disc changers. They are linked through inputs discovered behind or in front of the head unit or directly linked to the power amplifier.

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