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BMW Owners Know How To Use Money Wisely

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BMW Owners Know How To Use Money Wisely

Eli Gali
April 4, 2014

A BMW driver believes no other car on the road is like the one he or she drives. Owners fall in love with the car during the first test drive. When someone mentions 'German engineering' the BMW is the model they are describing. Did you know that all of these cars are required to maintain a balance of 50/50 weight distribution between the front and rear of the vehicle without more than a 2% differential? Can you imagine trusting just any repair shop to ensuring that this important criterion is met? It takes someone who has been trained to interpret and analyze BMW repairs.

Owners praise their cars for the stability control system which never allows them to overcompensate when they are driving. Only a technician with expertise in this area should be able to touch your car if there is an issue with this process.

A BMW owner would never think of getting brakes repaired at a chain brake service company. Only an authorized BMW repair and service shop should take on this responsibility. While most model cars have the brakes engage once you begin to press on the pedal, BMW's begin the braking process once you have taken your foot off the gas.

And do you recall all the times after a heavy rain when you know your brakes are wet and are less effective. This doesn't happen on a Beemer. The German engineering has built in sensors that detect when brakes are wet and automatically go about drying them. Do you think the cookie cutter brake shops have any idea how this works? Again, BMW owners who suspect brake problems should take their cards to a shop that can repair anything that goes wrong with their model.

When an 'outsider' looks at a person driving a Beemer they form an immediate opinion. They assume just because the owner spent a small fortune on the car that money doesn't matter. If the BMW owner can afford the best, certainly he isn't going to quibble about the cost of repairs.

A BMW owner is just like the rest of us. He wants the best repairs at the best repair cost. The owner didn't come by his large bank account by throwing away money. Some may think that owners only take their vehicles to the dealerships with the high mark-ups and price tags. The savvy owner has found a trusted, reliable BMW repair shop that has all the amenities of a dealership but costs less. The BMW repair shop does not have to pay a portion of their gross sales to BMW so this cuts down on the overhead.

Have you ever seen the hourly charge for service that is charged by the dealers? Do you think that the actual mechanics receive even half of that hourly rate? Those high charges also go toward paying the BMW fees. A BMW repair shop will have lower hourly rates than the dealers because they do not have to pay a portion in a revenue sharing plan.

BMW owners are smart with their money and understand the economics of having their cars serviced at an expert BMW repair shop rather than at a high-priced dealer.

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