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Top Benefits of Relying on Professional Caravan Traders

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Top Benefits of Relying on Professional Caravan Traders

Sunny Chana
April 11, 2014

Selling a static caravan can be a more complicated process compared to the touring caravan. However, there are several different options for selling the static caravan. A popular option includes selling it back to the site owner or placing a for sale sign at the site.

But if that isn't successful, it is necessary to look at the alternative options.

In many situations it can benefit to sell the caravan to a professional trader. These caravan buyers can offer a variety of benefits and make the process of disposing of the caravan more straightforward. They can help to save time and money on repairs, transportation and advertising, as well as taking care of any storage issues. Here are four benefits of the static caravan trader:

Valuation - The professional caravan buyers can offer a free, no obligation valuation by email, telephone, or in person. They can easily give valuations on the well-maintained caravans within 20-years of age and valued within a market value of £500 to £25000. Aim to make contact with at least two or three of the professional static caravan traders to get a more accurate indication of its value. The valuation relates to providing the most relevant information, such as location, size, model, make and year. Also, items like gas central heating and double glazing can help increase the price.

Quick Transaction - They offer a simple and hassle free approach to buying the caravan. If the trader decides to go ahead with the purchase, they can often complete the transaction within 24-hours and make an immediate payment. Also, by passing the caravan direct to the trader, it is possible to avoid a lot of the expenses that relate to marketing and advertising.

Collect & Transport - The professional traders are set-up to offer a collection service. This means you don't need to be involved in transporting the caravan off site or delivering to the new owner's premises.

Less Stressful - A trader can take on the full responsibly for all aspects of selling the caravan. They are able to liaise with the existing caravan park and make any arrangements to settle remaining finance, if applicable. Traders can also arrange all paperwork related to the transfer of the caravan.

All in all, by using the services of the static caravan trader, it is possible to negotiate an attractive price from the caravan and avoid a lot of the stress and difficulties that can result from this type of transaction.

Do you want to sell your static caravan? Then the folks at http://www.ukcaravansdirect.com offer a complete service, visit their website for more information.

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