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Laura Cowan
August 2, 2006

Fuel prices continue to boom, encouraging more people to convert to LPG and seek out other alternative fuel technologies. Drivers are helping the environment by choosing to run a green-friendly car. Although the number of LPG cars on the roads are improving, are our driving techniques costing the environment?

Climate Change is top of the agenda, with the UK and the US only recently agreeing to "commit to urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote low carbon technologies". Scientists believe vehicle emissions to be the main cause of climate change, and with Governments and leading car manufacturers now addressing this issue, what can individuals do to help correct the damage that has been done.

Alternative fuel technologies are advancing and the availability of LPG stations now reaching over 1300 in the UK and over 3,000 in the States. Europe has around 10,000 LPG stations and seems to be leading the way in eco-driving also.

Eco-driving is becoming a new sensation as fuel prices continue to rise. Eco-driving is using sensible driving techniques such as smooth breaking and acceleration. Eco-driving techniques can have potential fuel savings of 15% and decrease fuel consumption by 25% whilst reducing CO2 emissions. The Fia Foundation estimated that a 10% reduction in fuel consumption would result in 50 million tons less of CO2 emissions in Europe by 2010. causing less harm to the ozone.

Three very strong reasons to encourage more people to drive economically are:

  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Save Environment

    For more information on Eco-Driving view the full article here.

    This Article was written by Laura Cowan from Fuelture Ltd. Fuelture Ltd is a UK based alternative fuel company with a national LPG conversion service. Fuelture Ltd aspires to build a unique network of state-of-the-art LPG Stations and to launch a unique LPG fuel card. Fuelture Ltd. works closely with performance engine specialists Nicholson McLaren Engines Ltd. Visit www.fuelture.com for more information about automotive LPG in the UK.

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