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Ford Galaxy, S-MAX: Mounted With Visteon Technologies

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Ford Galaxy, S-MAX: Mounted With Visteon Technologies

Chuck Smith
August 1, 2006

A wide array of Visteon high technology features would be offered in the newest models of the Ford Galaxy and the Ford S-MAX. These two Ford vehicles are the latest vehicle models to be presented and for sale in Europe. And with these Ford vehicles being new, up to date, and known for a futuristic appeal and touch, the Visteon Corporation’s set of high tech features on climate, interior, and electronics would very much blend in the vehicles well.

According to Michael Enders, the director of the Ford Customer Group CD car program especially for Visteon, the Ford Motor Company is getting the best support out of Visteon. After all, according to him, Visteon is making sure that the features offered for Ford vehicles are well suited for the Ford range of models and would surely bring the vehicles to a whole new level of existence. He further explains, “Visteon content on the Galaxy and S-MAX has been developed to meet Ford’s demand for supreme driving quality and high levels of interior sophistication. Both these new models support Ford’s new kinetic design philosophy, which expresses ‘energy in motion’, and will filter through its future model range.”

Visteon may not be focusing on creating the best kind of Ford parts like Ford Aerostar parts; however, the company makes sure that they do supply Ford vehicles with cool and unique features. There are some 127 Visteon items that could be found on both Ford vehicles. These have been grouped further into 48 products that has specific functions and specific work loads.

If you were able to go visit the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, you may have already taken a look at these Visteon products made for the Ford Galaxy and the Ford S-MAX. In fact, the Geneva Motor Show for this year became the event where Ford had purposely intended to show off their collaboration with Visteon.

Chuck, a 38 year old freelance writer from Charleston, South Carolina, has been specializing on automotive-related articles and news. He has a degree in Automotive Technology.

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