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National Highway Safety Advisory Committee Appointment of 10 Members.

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American Government

National Highway Safety Advisory Committee Appointment of 10 Members.

President Jimmy Carter
October 7, 1980

The President today announced the appointment of 10 persons as members of the National Highway Safety Advisory Committee for terms expiring in 1983. They are:

PHILIP T. ABRAHAM, of Portland, Oreg., presiding judge of the Oregon District Court for Multnomah County and chairman of the special courts committee of the Oregon Judicial Conference charged with revising the Oregon Motor Vehicle Code.

HARPER BREWER, JR., of Memphis, Tenn., a four-term member of the Tennessee State house of representatives and speaker pro ternpore for two terms.

JANE CEASE, of Portland, Oreg., an Oregon State representative and member of the house transportation committee.

SANFORD CLOUD, JR., of Hartford, Conn., a Connecticut State senator and counsel in the Law Department of Aetna Life & Casualty.

DAVID WAYNE ELIZANDRO, of Arlington, Tex., an assistant professor in the department of industrial engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, former coordinator of public safety for the State of Arkansas.

JACK O. HICKS, mayor of LaRue, Ohio, former national commander of the Disabled American Veterans, a member of the executive hoard of the Marion County Area Drivers Reeducational Committee, and an adviser to the county government on architectural and transportation barriers to handicapped persons.

ROBERT W. LANDON, of Olympia, Wash., chief of the Washington State Patrol.

LAURENCE P. OVASO, of Baton Rouge, La., supervisor of the motorcycle operator training program of the Louisiana State Department of Education, who has won several awards for his contributions to improving motorcycle safety.

SANDRA JOAN THOMSON, of Brookline, Mass., an associate in orthopedic surgery at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston and an instructor in orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School.

PATRICIA F. WALLER, of Chatham County, N.C., a staff associate with the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, where she conducts research on highway safety and works with State personnel to develop new programs (reappointment).

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