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National Highway Safety Advisory Committee Appointment of 12 Members.

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American Government

National Highway Safety Advisory Committee Appointment of 12 Members.

President Jimmy Carter
August 23, 1978

The President today announced 12 persons whom he will appoint as members of the National Highway Safety Advisory Committee. They are:

THOMAS J. CORCORAN, JR., general manager of Lewis Toyota Go., Topeka, Kans.;

R. ADAMS COWLEY, M.D., director of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services in Baltimore and professor of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine;

W. BOONE DARDEN, chief of police of Riviera Beach, Fla., and a police officer since 1948;

HOWARD G. GIBSON, a judge of the Roseville (Calif.) judicial district;

DANIEL P. KAVANAUGH, of Metropolitan Enterprises, an Oklahoma City highway construction business;

WILLIAM D. KEITH, of Carroll, Iowa, chairman of the Western Association of Railroad Passengers, a citizens group seeking increased railroad routes;

ARCHIE G. RICHARDSON, JR., Of Silver Spring, Md., president and founder of the Automobile Owners Action Council, a nonprofit organization which investigates auto-related consumer complaints and conducts research;

JAMES C. SCHULTZ, of Dallas, Tex., senior vice president and general counsel of Trailways, Inc., and former chief counsel of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association;

SHEILA D. SIDLES, of Centerville, Iowa, executive secretary and a founding member of the Iowa Consumers League;

JOHN S. TREES, Of Lake Bluff, Ill., vice president of Allstate Insurance Co.;

RALPH VANNATTA, commissioner of the Indiana bureau of motor vehicles;

HOWARD J. WIGDER, president of Todd Chevrolet, Inc., in Perth Amboy, N.J., and former president of the New Jersey Automobile Dealers Association.

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