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Message to the Second Pan American Highway Congress.

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

American Government

Message to the Second Pan American Highway Congress.

President Herbert Hoover
July 25, 1929

[Released August 16, 1929. Dated July 25, 1929]


The deliberations of the Second Pan American Highway Congress at Rio de Janeiro afford an opportunity for distinguished service to all [p.254] of the countries of the Pan American Union in the important field of highway development.

The four years which have passed since the initial Congress at Buenos Aires have seen much progress made in the direction of improved highway transportation in all the countries of the New World and it is gratifying to know that the work of that Congress and thereafter the efforts of the Pan American Confederation for Highway Education have contributed materially to this result.

Modern highways and motor vehicles provide a basic and elastic system of communication which is most readily adjustable to the economic needs of areas hitherto poorly supplied by transportation. Mutual exchange of examples and experience in this direction cannot fail to be of value to countries and I am sure that the work of this conference will contribute to solidarity of purpose of our countries.

I believe that the Congress at Rio de Janeiro will be of great benefit in furthering this purpose and that it will contribute largely also to the most important purpose of further cementing the friendly and helpful relations that exist between the countries of the two Americas.

Please convey these sentiments on my behalf to the representatives of the several countries at the Congress as well as to other officials with whom you may come into contact.

Yours faithfully,


[The United States Delegation, Second Pan American Highway Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

Note: The President's message was read by John Walter Drake, Chairman of the seven-member United States delegation, on the opening day of the Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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