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Volvo Out For New Generation Of Hometown Heroes

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Volvo Out For New Generation Of Hometown Heroes

Kenneth McKinley
July 28, 2006

For the fifth year in a row, the Volvo Cars of North America is out on a hunt. They are not looking for a particular place or spot to bury a new and uniquely themed vehicle like the Volvo XC90 Pirate Themed Search. This time around, they are on the search for a hometown hero which they would be awarding as part of the company’s Volvo For Life Awards.

The Volvo For Life Awards has been done for five years already, with this year counting as the fifth. It is a national public service program and what it does is it actually recognizes and honors those hometown people who have become heroes in their own ways and scopes of work. Of course, the company is not just looking for anybody. They would like to honor a person who has become a hero through his or her efforts at making moves to improve the safety and quality of life in their community. Or these new set of heroes may have been working towards a better quality of the environment. If you know one, you can nominate him or her and celebrate this person’s everyday heroism.

Volvo would be selecting the overall winner. There would only be one winner, of course, and he or she would be named “America’s Greatest Hometown Hero.” Not only would his or her efforts be given much recognition and praise. The winner would not just be given a set of Volvo P1800 parts or accessories. The hometown hero winner would be given one new Volvo car every three years – for the entire duration of his life. All these just because of his or her efforts at trying to change the environment or his or her community to make it better.

According to the company, they continually recognize these hometown heroes because they do believe that such heroic contributions that individuals could do to the environment and the community are exemplary. In fact, these heroes also are great inspirations for many other people.

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