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Automotive News Briefs: December 30, 1922

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Automotive News Briefs: December 30, 1922

An Economy Tip.

Washington Times

When your car goes to the shop for a minor trouble go along with it and watch the repair man while he is doing the work.  If the same trouble occurs again you will then know how to do it yourself.

Care of Tires.

Washington Times

Small cuts in tires, not over a half-inch, may be repaired with a tread filler.  For longer cuts, especially when the face of the fabric is laid bare, vulcanization is essential.  Every cut in the tread should be thoroughly cleaned out before being repaired.  A cloth soaked in gasoline may be used for wiping out the cut, and then a bit of cloth on the end of a screwdriver may be used for removing any dirt lurking inside.  Next, a coat of cement should be applied to the sides and bottom of the cut.  After this has dried, a second coat should be applied, and when this is thoroughly dry, tire filler should be inserted.  A piece of filler may be worked into the cut with the blade of a knife, the mass being leveled off with the surface of the cut.  If the tire has to be used immediately, a small piece of cloth or paper should be cemented over the filler so that it will not pick up dirt from the road.


Washington Times

Buick Crash in 1922
This Buick wreck shows what can happen when an auto traveling sixty miles an hour meets a two foot thick telephone pole head on.  In this Baltimore accident three were instantly killed and the engine of the machine was smashed into atoms.  The driver by miraculous trick of fate was not killed, although seriously injured.

Talk of the Town

Washington Times

Ralph Record
We have changed a lot from the good, old-fashioned days when every home had a spare room and there was spare rib at Thanksgiving time.  Now the best we can have is a spare tire.

Truck Hit by Train, Driver Hurt.

The New York Times

Special to The Nee York Times.

HAMMONTON, N. J., Dec. 29.—A motor truck belonging to the American Stores was wrecked by a train on the Salem branch of the Pennsylvania road this morning, and sugar was scattered in all directions. The driver, Frederick Cook, 28, of 1,229 North Howard Street, Philadelphia, was seriously injured. The crash occurred at the Mantua Avenue crossing at Woodbury.

no title

Washington Times

John Hayes, who was one of the several Mt. Rainierites to be in the car accident several days ago at Seventeenth and Rhode Island avenue northeast, is recovering from his shake-up.  No one was seriously hurt in the accident.  Hayes said that after the first car hit the preceding car it came to a stop and a third car then struck the second car that had come to a stop.  The fog was given as a reason for the smash-up.

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