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Automotive News Briefs: December 19, 1909

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Automotive News Briefs: December 19, 1909

Autoists to Publish Book.
The New York Times

An interesting announcement was made yesterday to the effect that a group of prominent automobilists, who are equally well known in financial and social circles, has agreed to co-operate in the production of the most elaborate and authoritative work on automobiling ever published.  Among the members of this group are such men of prominence as Henry B. Sanderson, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Automobile Club of America; Robert Lee Morrell, Chairman of the Contest Board of the same club; Winthrop E. Scarritt, first President of the American Automobile Association; Louis R. Speare, present President of that organization; Charles J. Glidden, the tourist; Colgate Hoyt, former President of the Automobile Club of America, and A. L. Westgard, organizer and President of the Touring Club of America.  Among autoists invited to contribute special articles this de luxe affair are W. K. Vanderbilt, Jr., John Jacob Astor, E. H. Gary, Charles M. Schwab, Gov. Franklin Fort of New Jersey, Albert R. Shattuck, W. H. Hotchkiss, State Superintendent of Insurance; Dave Hennen Morris, J. Dunbar Wright, Augustus A. Post, Samuel B. Stevens, Gen. Frederick D. Grant, Foxhall P. Keene, Hiram P. Maxim, Alden B. McMurtry, and Charles Jerome Edwards.

Fire Won't Delay Delivery of Cars
The New York Times

RACINE, Wis., Dec. 18.—James W. Gilson, sales manager of the Mitchell Motor Car Company, announced to-day that the fire which on Sunday destroyed the plant of the Racine Manufacturing Company, under contract to furnish Mitchell bodies, will in no way interfere with the Mitchell output for 1910.  "We have more than sufficient bodies on hand at present to meet immediate demands and have made arrangements through which we will continue to receive them in such quantities as we desire," said Mr. Gilson.  "There will be absolutely no delay and deliveries of Mitchell cars will be made according to contract and schedule."

New Jersey License Markers Arrive.
The New York Times

The 1910 New Jersey license markers for automobiles have been received by W. J. Morgan, Deputy Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, Thoroughfare Building.  Yesterday those who had been waiting for the new low numbers visited the Commissioner's office and expressed themselves well pleased with the new orange and black Princetonian colors of the markers, which is a compliment to the well-known New Jersey university.  The new marker is an improvement on the old one.  The black on orange background brings out the numbers very distinctly and they can be read at a much greater distance than could be the old numbers.  All licenses issued are good for the balance of this year and throughout 1910.  The fees remain the same for the different powered cars.

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