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The New York Times
December 3, 1909

Seventy Cars Representing Fifty Makes Will Compete in Fourteen Events.

Entries for the Edgewater-Fort Lee, N. J., hill climb, postponed from Thanksgiving Day until to-morrow, closed yesterday with seventy entries, representing fifty different cars in the fourteen classes.  This is exclusive of a dozen nominations in the motor cycle contest.

Among the notable entries that came in after the postponement was announced was that of a 120 horse power Fiat, to be driven by F. K. Burnham in both the amateur and free for all; the 40 National that scored several victories at the Atlanta tournament, to be driven by Tom Kincaid in the free for all, and a 45 Stoddard-Dayton, to be driven by Raymond V. Morris in the amateur division.

At the request of several importers of cars, a new class was added for gasoline stock chassis of 300 cubic inches piston displacement, or less.  Four Lancia cars and one Nagant were formally entered in this event.  C. H. Tangeman and Harry Fosdic are two of the drivers.  Other late entries include a Maxwell, Selden, Pullman, and in the truck division two Couple-Gears and an American.

In the free for all a big Simplex, a Columbia, an Atlas, Fiat, National, and three Stanley steamers will go together in what promises to be one of the best-contested events of the card.  In the division for amateurs ten of the best-known owners of fast cars will fight it out for supremacy.  The cars in this class include two Simplex cars, a Stearns, Zust, Fiat, Stoddard-Layton, Stanley, Locomobile, and Buick.

Work in resurfacing the Edgewater-Fort Lee hill has been completed, and the course is in perfect condition for the competition to-morrow afternoon.  The first event will be started at 1 o'clock, and it is expected that the programme will be concluded by 4 o'clock.

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