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The New York Times
December 5, 1909

17 Manufacturers Will Exhibit Vehicles Embracing Nearly Every Motor Vehicle on Wheels.


Latest Ideas in Body Building from London Olympia Exhibition Will Attract Attention of the Fastidious.

Now that the Horse Show is over, the Vanderbilt Cup race a thing of the past, and the two Opera Houses and The New Theatre are no longer novelties, society, ever eager for something new, is waiting with impatience for the advent of "King Auto" which will make its 1910 debut at the Grand Central Palace, New York, on New Year's Eve.

The smart set is particularly interested in the Grand Central Palace show, for the reason that at this exhibition they see not only most of the leading makes of American cars, but the latest products of the foreign factories direct from the London-Olympia show which will be exhibited at the Palace for the first time in America.

While it is certain that the American manufacturers now lead the world in the production of automobiles, it is also true that they get many new ideas of body building and certain nice little refinements of detail from across the water.

These up-to-date wrinkles in body-building, upholstery and coach work appeal particularly to the fastidious ideas of the wealthier class of automobile buyers, and while they may not always buy the imported car, they insist that sooner or later some of these ideas be incorporated in the American built car.  However, if our makers use some of the foreign ideas it is only a case of reciprocity, as, judging from the Olympia show, the foreign makers are now copying quite liberally from American car practice and design.

This year's Palace show will furnish the best, the most complete and comprehensive exhibition of commercial vehicles ever seen in the world.  No less than seventeen manufacturers of commercial vehicles will exhibit their product, ranging from a little light delivery wagon, with 200 or 300 pounds' capacity, costing $500, up to huge trucks which can haul 20,000 pounds with ease over the roughest and steepest roads, that will cost as high as $6,000 and are easily worth the money.

In connection with the coming show Chairman R. E. Olds of the A. C. M. C. A. Show Committee announces that all the show space has been disposed of, and that there are 325 exhibitors with 40 applicants for space on the waiting list, which cannot be accommodated on account of lack of room.

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