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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


The New York Times
April 1, 1914

Citizens' Body Urges Approval of Bill Making Traffic Squad 1,000—Dinner to Eno.

At its meeting at the Automobile Club of America on Monday the Citizens' Street Traffic Committee of Greater New York took action indorsing the bill passed by the Legislature increasing the number of the Traffic Squad of the Police Department from 550 to 1,000 men and instructed the Secretary to urge both Gov. Glynn and Mayor Mitchel, on behalf of the committee, to make the bill a law.  The committee also adopted a resolution submitted by the Fifth Avenue Association for the purpose of regulating the issuance of permits for parades on Fifth Avenue and other streets.  An ordinance is proposed requiring parades to give at least one day's notice and to obtain a permit from the Police Commissioner, and permitting parades to be held at any time on all streets save under the following restriction:

"Permit parades at any hour on any street or material section thereof which is ordinarily subject to great congestion of traffic, and is primarily of a business or mercantile character on public holidays and Sundays.  On all other days permit them on such streets only between 6:30 P. M. and 9 A. M., except on occasion of extraordinary public interest, not annual or customary."

The Secretary was directed to send a copy of this resolution to the proper city authority.  The Chairman, Robert Grier Cooke, was empowered to appoint a special committee to study the question of widening and improving Fourth Avenue at Thirty-fourth Street.  George H. Duck, Chairman of a sub-committee to study the question of the proper weight and size of vehicles to be used in the streets, announced that he had selected for associates on that committee E. P. Goodrich, David Beecroft, Clifford Richardson, and A. B. Cumner.

It was suggested that a "dollar dinner" be tendered to William Phelps Eno, who drafted much of the traffic regulations in use in several cities in this country and abroad.  The suggestion met with a hearty response, and the Secretary, Elmer Thompson, was instructed to notify Mr. Eno to name a date on which he could be the guest of the committee at the dinner, which would be held at the A. C. A.  Each member of the committee is to take five tickets, so that an attendance of at least 125 is expected.

Alderman D. M. Bedell, Chairman of the Aldermanic Committee on Public Thoroughfares, which is now conducting a traffic study, then told the committee of the vital importance of the subject, and upon unanimous invitation agreed to serve as a member.


At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Automobile Trade Association of New York State, R. H. Johnston, President of the Automobile Dealers Association, was elected President to succeed Arthur M. Day, who recently severed his connection with the automobile industry.  The other officers of the association are C. D. Hakes of Albany, Vice President; Ralph Brown of Rochester, Treasurer, and Charles A. Stewart, General Manager.  Although the association is but a few months old, it has a membership of several hundred.  It appeared during the recent session of the Legislature in opposition to the numerous automobile bills which had been introduced.


The Briscoe Motor Company has been admitted to membership in the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce.  W. O. Rutherford has been made Assistant General Sales Manager of the B. F. Goodrich Company.  L. E. Olwell has joined the Chalmers Motor Company.

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