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The New York Times
April 8, 1914

Son of Banker Has Been Living for Several Years in Montclair as A. C. Moro.


Car Just Bought as Birthday Gift for Wife—Mrs. Morosini Slightly Hurt—Chauffeur Held.

Special to The New York Times.

MONTCLAIR, N. J., April 7.—Mrs. Mary Washington Bond Morosini, wife of Attilio P. Morosini, a son of the late Giovanni P. Morosini, was greatly distressed to-day when told at Seymour Hall, where she is living at present with her husband and daughter, that a fatal automobile accident in which the three figured last night had revealed that Mr. Morosini was a brother of Giulia Morosini Werner, whose domestic troubles have been much in evidence in the last few days.  Until to-day the Montclair Morosinis had been known here under the name of Moro.

Mr. and Mrs. Morosini and their daughter were being driven from New York to Montclair last evening in a motor coupe, which Mr. Morosini purchased yesterday as a birthday present for his wife.  The car was in charge of James M. Wherry of 25 Vine Street, Plainfield, and in Bloomfield Avenue, at Eighth Street, in Newark, it struck Herman Bertsch of 492 Delavan Avenue, Newark, as he was alighting from a trolley car.  Bertsch was fatally injured, dying at the Newark City Hospital a short time after the accident.  The coupe, which Wherry turned to the side of the street in his efforts to avoid striking Bertsch, was badly wrecked.

Mrs. Morosini was slightly injured, but neither her husband nor her daughter was hurt, though all three had a narrow escape from serious harm.  Wherry, after being arraigned in Newark, was released in $1,000 bail.

In her excitement at the time of the accident, Mrs. Morosini gave her name as Mary Washington Bond and that of her daughter as Bond also.  To-day, when questioned, she said that she was so wrought up by the affair that she gave her maiden name without thinking.  She and her husband admitted that the latter's name was Morosini and that he was the son of the New York banker.  Both were very much grieved at the fate of the man who had been struck by the newly purchased car, and Mrs. Morosini said she did not think she could ever ride in an automobile again.

The Morosinis have been residents of Montclair for several years, and few of their acquaintances knew that he was a brother of Mrs. Werner.  Mr. Morosini smilingly asserted to-day, however, that his financial affairs were transacted under his real name and he receives mail addressed to A. C. Morosini.

Wherry was arraigned in Newark on a charge of manslaughter.  He was released in $1,000 bail for the action of the Grand Jury.  Wherry will also have to answer to a charge of driving a car without a license.

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