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The New York Times
April 10, 1914

New Garage in East Seventy-second Street is to Supplement Present Building.

When the Automobile Club of America concludes its arrangements for a supplemental garage on East Seventy-second Street, between Avenue A and Exterior Street, the plans for which are rapidly nearing completion, it will not mean that the present building in Fifty-fourth Street, west of Broadway, one of the most completely equipped of its kind in the world, will be given up or its use in any way curtailed.  On the contrary, it is planned to make even larger use of the club building than heretofore, and all its social features, which are to be somewhat increased, will naturally centre there. The new garage is intended solely to meet the demand for additional service of the kind the A. C. A. is able to give, especially from the many members living in the upper east side.  Arrangements are now being concluded for taking over a property 125 feet wide and running from Seventy-second to Seventy-first Street, owned by George H. Storm, on a twenty-one-year lease.  Mr. Storm plans to erect there a three-story garage to accommodate 350 cars, which the club will occupy.  The garage will be built on the "ramp" principle, by which elevators are eliminated and the cars mount from floor to floor on inclined planes.


It seems certain that the plan for admitting women to membership in the club will go through at the annual meeting to be held next Tuesday, as the Governors are understood to be unanimously in favor of it.  The plan is to make this membership somewhat analogous to the "Flag" membership of the New York Yacht Club.  The dues for women members will be $50 a year, and they will have practically all the privileges of the club.  It has been felt for some time that it would be advisable to admit women, as in many cases such, for instance, as those of the widows of members, they are especially in need of the protection and service for their cars which the club supply department and garage can afford.


From the way the dealers along "Automobile Row" are commenting on the proposed two-day business tour, to cover a sort of show route from this city to Hartford and return, which has been planned by the Motor Dealers' Contest Association, about 100 cars may be expected to be in line on April 23, representing twenty-five dealers.  The plan is to give the towns and villages along the route chosen an opportunity to see some of the models which their local dealers do not carry.  Motor trucks and accessories, as well as pleasure cars, will be shown in the novel parade.


Until permanent additions can be made to the factory buildings, Trenton, N. J., is enjoying the novelty of seeing motor cars built under a big circus tent which the Mercer Company has had to borrow so that it can keep up with its orders.

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