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The New York Times
April 11, 1914

More Than 100,000 Cars Already Booked in State—Other Motoring News.

This is to be a banner year in motordom, judged from the number of new registrations since February 1, according to a statement issued yesterday by Mitchell May, Secretary of State.  There are already more than 100,000 automobiles registered in New York State, including dealers' registrations, which exceeds the entire registration for 1911, nearly equals that for 1912 and is more than two-thirds the total number registered last year.  The annual increase is seen to be surprisingly large when like periods are compared.  Thus in 1912, up to this date, 58,009 pleasure cars had been registered, as against 77,313 for 1913 and 90,804 this year.  The gain in commercial vehicle registrations is even more striking, perhaps.  The figures up to the same date in April in each case are 5,918 for 1912, 9,413 for 1913 and 12,280 for this year.  In the twelve months of last year but 13,780 commercial vehicles were registered, so that in two months the 1914 figures have reached within 1,500 of the total 1913 figures.


On the evening of Saturday, April 18, a Spring dance will be given in the assembly rooms of the Automobile Club of America, by that organization in conjunction with the Aero Club of America and the Motor Boar Club of America.  Dancing is to be from 9:30 o'clock until 2 o'clock and there will also be some exhibition dances.  The committee in charge consists of Alan R. Hawley, chairman; Dave H. Morris, James A. Blair, Jr., and Herbert S. Carpenter.


At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Motor Dealers' Contest Association, a number of committees were appointed by R. H. Johnston, the President.  These were committees on Fire Department Relations, composed of Messrs. Eveland, Bowman and Brown; on City Regulation, Messrs. Stratton, Larson and Budlong, and on State Relations, Messrs. Plummer, Poertner and Parkinson.  S. S. Toback was appointed to represent the A. Elliott Ranney Company, in place of A. M. Day, resigned; George H. Smith was appointed to represent the Peerless Company in place of Jack Clark; the membership of the Studebaker Corporation was changed to the Phelps Motor Car Corporation, to be represented by George Phelps; that of Carl H. Page & Company was changed to the Chalmers Motor Car Company, to be represented by George H. Stowe, and the Marmon Company of New York was elected to membership, to be represented by Frank G. Carrie.


Not only are American automobile factories sending many of their cars to foreign countries and helping to make the export business in American motor cars grow by leaps and bounds, but "used" cars of native manufacture are also finding their way into many corners of the world.  One of the local used car dealers has sent cars recently to Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand and filled orders for supplies from nearly every country.  The Treasurer of this company, Louis Mansbach, recently returned from a trip to the automobile factories.  He was looking for overstock with an idea of purchase, but reports that he found every factory in the East as well as the West working to capacity.


One of the motor companies announces that a letter from a customer to a friend stated that he had been forced to remove the clock from his machine, because its ticking disturbed the quiet which he had enjoyed in running the car.

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