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The New York Times
April 17, 1914

Mrs. Thies Injured Mortally in Accident Due to Slippery Pavement in Pelham Parkway.


Young Woman Suffers a Fractured Skull and Eight of Her Ribs Are Crushed in Auto Accident.

Four persons were injured, one of them, Mrs. Agnes Thies, 28 years old, probably mortally, when an auto in which they were riding skidded on the wet pavement of Pelham Parkway yesterday afternoon and upset.

The auto party, which consisted, in addition to Mrs. Thies, of her husband, Stephen Thies, a saloon manager of 182d Street and Southern Boulevard; Alexander E. Allen, a building contractor of 2,322 Crotona Avenue, and James Fraser, a builder of 749 Amazon Street, Brooklyn, was bound for City Island. Mr. Allen, who owned the auto, was driving, and Mr. Fraser sat beside him on the front seat.  Mr. and Mrs. Thies say in the tonneau.

When the auto was about 100 feet west of the bridge over the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, near the Eastchester road, the rear wheels slipped and the motor crashed into lamppost.  This whirled the car sound and it turned over.  Allen and Fraser were thrown out, but Mr. and Mrs. Thies were pinned in the tonneau.

The weight of the car rested on Mrs. Thies' head and she suffered a fractured skull.  Eight of her ribs were crushed in and they punctured her lungs.  Mr. Thies was injured in the head, but the doctors were in doubt whether his skull had been fractured.

Mr. Allen was thrown across the street and his forehead was cut severely.  The doctors fear he suffered internal injuries also.  Mr. Fraser cut his left hand and wrenched his back in an effort to save himself as the auto turned over.

Patrons of the Knickerbocker Inn, near by, saw the accident and ran to the assistance of the injured.  They lifted the auto and released Mr. and Mrs. Thies, who were unconscious.  Patrolman Storjohann of the Westchester Police Station sent to Fordham Hospital for an ambulance and the injured were taken there.  Mrs. Thies was put on the operating table at once.

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