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The New York Times
April 28, 1914

A Short Run There, Free from Road Repair, Described by A. A. A.

Many attractive automobile trips may be taken in the Borough of Queens, which has done more road building in the past year than any other borough in the city.  At present so much construction work is in progress around New York that the American Automobile Association's touring bureau has picked out several trips which avoid roads under repair, one of which lies in Queens.  The route is as follows:

Setting the odometer at zero as one leaves the Queensboro Bridge, cross Jackson Avenue into Division Street, which, in turn, runs into the Queens Boulevard.  After running four-tenths of a mile bear left, and at two miles cross the temporary bridge over the railroad.  Then cross under the railroad and bear left with the trolley tracks to Forest Hills, 5.6 miles from the start.  Turn left on Hillside Avenue, circling the Peace Monument and passing the entrance to the Jamaica Estates.  Turn left on Rocky Hill Road.  Then turn right and ascend a winding hill.  A left turn brings the Oakland Golf Club into view over the hill.  Passing Bell Avenue, Queens Road, and the Flushing Cemetery, continue to a fork in the road, bearing right there on Parsons Avenue, meeting the trolley tracks and turning left on Sanford Avenue, and then into Bowne Avenue.  Just after passing Bowne House, erected by John Bowne in 1661, on the right, and Fox Oaks on the left, turn left on Broadway at the end of the street.  Pass through Flushing, and, using Jackson Avenue, return to the bridge plaza.  The round trip is a little more than 27 miles in length.


The thirty-third regular meeting of the Metropolitan Section of the Society of Automobile Engineers will be held at the Automobile Club of America on Thursday evening.  Finley R. Porter will read a paper on "Racing and Its Effect on Manufacture," which will be illustrated by lantern slides.  By courtesy of the club there will also be an exhibition in moving pictures of the recent automobile races at Santa Monica, Cal.  About the middle of May the S. A. E. plans to hold a May festival.

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